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The Field House will be CLOSED from July 1-18, 2021.

We're changing ownership! 
The Dimond Park Field House is in the process of handing over ownership of the facility to the City and Borough of Juneau to be managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. 


Turf for Tots and Private Rentals are still unavailable at this time.
Please check back soon for future updates. 

If you have any questions, please email us at dimondparkfieldhouse@gmail.com
or call 523-4910


Youth Fitness Classes
Cancelled until further notice

Kid Fit: The Kid Fit class at the Dimond Park Field House is a time for school-aged children to join a coach on the turf field for organized physical fitness, activities, games, and sports. We provide a safe and fun atmosphere, encourage and develop good sportsmanship attitudes, encourage good health, and learn about muscle groups. Ages 5-12 years.
Kid Fit class schedule: Cancelled until further notice.
Flag Football/Kickball Club:The Flag Football and Kickball Club at the Dimond Park Field House is a great opportunity for Juneau's youth to learn how to play football and kickball as well as develop good sportsmanship. This course is coached by a DPFH employee and beginners are welcome to attend. Ages 8-13 years.
Flag Football/Kickball Club schedule: Cancelled until further notice.


Turf For Tots
Cancelled until further notice.

Description:   Come enjoy a vast amount of space and toys at our popular Turf For Tots program, a toddler open turf time.  Many families with young children and Day Care Facilities take advantage of this time to enjoy lots of space, play with our turf toys including: tricycles, hula hoops, parachutes, toddler slides and a variety of rubber balls. Turf For Tots is also a great time to meet friends and make new friends while the children have opportunity to interact with other.


*See the Turf Calendar for any updates on Turf for Tots closures. http://www.dimondparkfieldhouse.org/calendar.shtml  



 Our Mission

Our mission at the Well's Fargo Dimond Park Field House is to provide and maintain a standard of excellence to its users, as well as provide the community with accessible and safe indoor recreation opportunities.

About Wells Fargo Dimond Park Field House

The Wells Fargo Dimond Park Field House is a non profit organization. The Field House operates in recovering 100% of their costs through facility rentals, individual track users, and business sponsors. Sponsors allow us to have a low operating cost fee to many of the youth, and adult programs here at the Field House.


Construction began on the Well's Fargo Dimond Park Field House in 2007 after the Juneau Community Foundation took on the project. Located at Dimond Park, the 29,000 square foot Field House will house an indoor turf field, 3-lane running track, batting cages, concession office, and offers a variety of equipment. The Field House is used by a number of different sports and activities including soccer, flag football, baseball, softball, walking, running, and birthday parties.

After receiving a legislative appropriation of $4,000,000 in 2007, the Juneau Community Foundation teamed up with the City and Borough of Juneau and numerous community members and businesses who donated their time and services, to start the project. As a result of volunteer efforts, the Field House has been able to stay within budget which enables the facility to offer rates much lower than that of other sport complexes.

  • Track memberships are available at the front office. Pricing is listed here. If you have any questions please contact the Field House.
  • ATTENTION Moms and Dads!! The Dimond Park Field House has started a Turf For Tots program. Kids can come to the Field House and play from 9:00am-1pm, Monday-Friday.
2961 Riverside Drive, Juneau, AK 99802
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